DMCA Policy is in compliance with 17 U.S.C. and 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). We respond promptly to all infringement notices.

If you have copyrighted material posted on, or if you receive links to this copyrighted content through our search engine, and you wish to remove it from our site, you will need to send a written communication detailing the information in the section below. If you incorrectly state information on our site that infringes on your copyrights, you could be held responsible for damages. For legal advice, we recommend that you contact an attorney immediately.

These elements must be part of your copyright infringement claim:

  • Show evidence that the authorized person was authorized to act for the owner of the exclusive right being allegedly violated.
  • Please provide sufficient contact information for us to contact you. Also, include an email address.
  • It is important to identify the copied work that has been claimed to be infringed in sufficient detail. You should also include at least one search term for the material in search result results.
  • A declaration that the complaining party believes that the use of the material in the way complained of is not authorized either by the copyright owner or its agent.
  • A declaration that the notification contains accurate information and that, under penalty of perjury the complaining party can act for the owner of the exclusive right being alleged to be infringed.
  • To act for the owner of the exclusive right being infringed, the authorized person must sign the document.

Send the infringement notice to [email protected]

Note: If you copy same Title/content/image You can find my website and I will send you DMCA copyright.

Allow 1-3 business days to receive an email response. Notifying other parties, such as our Internet Service Provider, about your complaint will not speed up your request. It may lead to a delayed response.

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